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Romania | Bucharest

— Teatrul Vienez de Copii

Teatrul Vienez de Copii in Bucharest is an organisation dedicated to helping children and young people develop by playing and tapping into their expressive potential, giving them back the ability to focus, to live fully and in harmony with nature in a distracted world.

I really want to participate in the Euki project because  protecting our beautiful surroundings is important for me, and quite essential for my future. I think that continuing this unhealthy lifestyle globally will lead us to a very peculiar situation regarding our planet. Recources will start running out, the remaing ice will melt and the pollution will be so bad that our health will pe profoundly affected, so I am extremely happy that I can do a small step in stopping all that by taking part in this project, believing that the only way we can change something is by changing the ourselves fist and then try to help others.

- Călin Deneș


I want to be part of this project because it is the result of a goal full of essence, full of responsibility, full of desire. It is a project that not only it emphasises a major problem of modern society, namely the disastrous neglect of ecology, but it also emphasises the importance of one of the most important things in our lives: nature. And nature means the environment, nature is the foundation of our life, it is its source and joy. For this reason I want to be part of this project: out of love for nature. Out of love for nature, out of love for those who respect it.

- Luca Gudina


I would like to be part of this project because I want to be part of changing the mindset about ecology and healthier living and it would be a great opportunity to learn new things.

- Ondine Deneș


I really think that this project is a blessing for Romania and especially for children. Unfortunately in the past few years the nature was ignored and the new generations were not educated to respect it. That’s way I am grateful to be part of this project and help as much as I can the team. We need to learn who to protect our world and live as sustainable as possible. From my experience with Teatrul Vienez de Copii and their summer camp I can assure you that this project will be a success and this team can change the world by educate the new generations and learn them the real values in life.

- Ilinca Ungureanu 

Austria | Vienna

— Schule für das Leben

In 2008, Sylvia Rotter started the “Schule für das Leben” education initiative, which aims to help children, teenagers, and young professionals to develop their practical, social, and creative skills.

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Romania | Iași

— EuroEd

The EuroEd Foundation promotes the education and training of children, young people and adults throughout life, with the main purpose of capitalizing on human potential, understood as a multilateral resource of knowledge, skills, abilities and ideas for sustainable development.

Romania | Baia Mare

— Asociația Ecologic


The EcoLogic Association is a non-profit environmental protection organization. The vision of the organization is that of a world in which humanity lives in harmony with nature, bringing, in return for the benefits offered by it, the voluntary contribution of each person in protecting natural values as a basis for a sustainable living environment.

Romania | Bucharest

— University of Bucharest

The University of Bucharest will contribute to the project with the necessary knowledge and know-how to do and analyse the results of the ecological footprint testing.

Germany | Berlin

Project supported by the European Climate Initiative (EUKI) and the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Change. Learn more about the European Climate Initiative (EUKI) here.

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