EcoFootprint Romania Project


eLearning Modules

eLearning modules based on the teaching materials and obtained knowledge will be developed and piloted.

Target group: General youth (didactic focus on young people between 12-22, but open to anyone)

The open-access eLearning modules are a format to make it possible for all young people in Romania to inform themselves about the topic of sustainability, incl. the ecological and carbon footprint and on how to reduce their footprints. Therefore, it will not only include general information on environmental problems (section 1) but will also include suggestions on activities that can take place individually or together with other young people to overcome these problems (section 2). The eLearning modules also aim to reach youth organizations or other institutions who would like to implement a summer camp on the ecological footprint themselves. For this, a third section will offer guidance for the preparation and implementation of a summer camp.

All information, activities and material on the platform are based on the teaching materials and the experiences of the implementation of the summer camp.

Below you can find the link to the eLearning platform with all the necessary information: