REFE Project

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Auxiliary Workbook

The student workbook on environmental education encourages students, individually or in teams, to explore and understand issues such as recycling, food waste, sustainable development, energy saving, ecological footprint, etc., to become aware of the need to protect nature, to use natural resources as rationally and efficiently as possible.

The material is made up of 14 units developed around important environmental themes, identifying various elements of the environment, their problems and solutions: sustainability, resources, soil, water, biodiversity, energy, transport, food, clothing, reduction, reuse, recycling, ecological footprint. Each unit includes curiosities, useful information related to the theme as well as practical, interactive activities that help students to consolidate and systematise their knowledge and, above all, to develop environmentally friendly behaviour. Pupils are engaged in a wide range of enjoyable and interesting activities that take into account their age and interests: quizzes, surveys, experiments, debates, discussions, games, projects, etc., designed to inspire pupils to protect and care for the environment. The proposed activities help students to learn more easily, realise the importance of the environment in our lives, appreciate and respect nature and prepare them to become responsible citizens who act promptly in the community and for the good of the community. Pupils are encouraged to express their own views through a variety of means, in writing, drawing or film, and the products are always popularised at school or community level. Each unit ends with a self-assessment test of knowledge with answers.